CIFE-Joint Master in Global Economic Governance& Public Affairs-Roma-Berlin-Nice 2021-2022


Country risk and Governance seminar: Berlin session April 2022

Country risk and Governance seminar: Rome session November 2021

Dear CIFE GEGPA students!

Welcome aboard the Country Risk & Governance Seminar that will tackle socio-economic and financial turbulences coupled with governance issues. The seminar is organized in three modules, namely in Roma in mid-November, then on-line while you are in Berlin, then we shall meet again in Nice in late May or early June, for debates and a wrap up session, including a roundtable with high-caliber colleagues in the field of global risk and governance.

To get off on the right foot, you will prepare a succinct two-page synthesis of one among 20 preliminary documents (list attached and available on MS Teams and on DEFI), to be sent to Mrs. Christina Rode by Monday, November, 1st 2021.

Looking forward to seeing you shortly!

Best regards!

Michel-Henry BOUCHET

Background documents and preliminary readings

  1. European Recovery Package 2021-22
  2. How The Next Recession Could Be Worse Than The Financial Crisis 2017 Seeking Alpha
  3. IMF Finance & Inequality 2020
  4. Acemoglu 2021 Post Covid World
  5. LARRY SUMMERS Secular stagnation
  6. Poverty and Corruption IMF Sept 2018
  7. FOREIGN AFFAIRS China April 2020
  8. BOUCHET Debt Cancellation JRMFI March 2021
  9. Martin Wolf Summers Bigger is worse APRIL 12 2021
  11. Democracy Report 2021
  12. ET 20085 Credit Journal Sovereigns draft-v9 (1)
  13. INTRO-IMF WEO 2021
  14. World-scenario-20211005 (first 10 p)
  15. ROGOFF INFLATION Sept. 2021
  16. The decline in Democracy Levitsky (first 10 p)
  17. Home Blog Euronomics GREECE 2021
  18. INTRO- Marsh_Political_Risk_Map_2021_Report (1)
  19. EXEC SUM. The-Global-Sustainable-Competitiveness-Index-Report-2021
  20. top-risks-2021 REPORT


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