CIFE Global Risk and Governance Seminar 2023-24

Dear students of CIFE’s Master in Global Governance 

Welcome aboard and congratulations for joining the upcoming Cife’s Global Risk & Governance Seminar that will tackle socio-economic and financial turbulences coupled with governance issues. The seminar is organized in three modules, namely in Roma in mid-November, three sessions in Berlin in February, and last but not least in Nice in May, including a roundtable with high-caliber colleagues in the field of global risk and governance, together with your director Arnaud Leconte.

The year 2023 has witnessed a spectacular increase in the number and complexity of country risk turbulences often related to the aftermath of the global sanitary crisis, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and China’s rising global ambitions. In many countries, the turmoil has been exacerbated by institutional weaknesses.

OECD countries also face tough and multifaceted challenges, including inflation and mounting debt in the short term, as well as budgetary and institutional threats in the long run. Country Risk, clearly, is no longer a
monopoly of emerging market countries. Whatever your future professional trajectory, global risk assessment will be a key ingredient of your successful career.

The 2023-24 seminar incorporatesseveral key features: a book published by Palgrave-McMillan: “Country Risk in an Age of Globalization”; a March 2021 article published by the Journal of Risk Management FI; a CIFE research paper published by NOMOS at end-2023, a number of background documents; more than a dozen quizzes that will help you checking your understanding before, during and after each session; a dozen MOOC-based videos, and 20 seminar-driven PPT files on CIFE’s platform as well as on DEFI; a thorough debt crisis case study: Solvencia for those of you who are not familiar with macro-economic and financial analysis. This year, balance of payments and debt issues will be tackled in Berlin by Prof. Milad Zarin on February 12-14, 2024.

During the seminar, you will work in 5/6 groups of 4/5 students. In order to get off on the right foot, you will prepare a succinct two-page synthesis of two among 17 preliminary documents (list attached and available on
MS Teams and on DEFI), to be sent to CIFE by October 30, 2023.(will be graded with +1/-1 full point) Over the four-day seminar in Roma, you will keep a close eye on market volatility, political news, governance issues, economic policy challenges, and other types of country turmoil, to participate in lively, well focused, discussions. You will also start preparing a succinct cross-country comparison report focused on governance issues to be submitted in the aftermath of the seminar, end-May. The topic of your report will be defined during the Roma seminar.

Everything that is useful for participating in the seminar is available on, on UDEMY’s MOOC:
the-age-of-global-turbulences/learn/lecture/11307180#overview and on "CIFE MS Teams". Give it a glance right away! Indeed, the first session of the seminar starts with a warming up Quiz.

Looking forward to seeing you shortly

Required Preliminary readings


Seminar Program

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