The first mooc for SKEMA Business School (

After the launch of ESSEC’s first MOOC regarding “decision making”, SKEMA Business School has also decided to begin the academic year with the introduction of their first MOOC titled “Globalization: Overcoming the challenges”. In the second week of September approximately 2000 students make their return into the school-desks. For the first time, they will be able to attend a seminar on Globalization. Although this year will be different as SKEMA has decided to develop their first MOOC! This open format allows students as well as any interested persons to follow the free distance learning course via the platform Udemy.

Alice Guilhon, CEO of SKEMA explains this strategic choice: “Globalization is a major topic within our knowledge economy. Our students are aware that they are evolving in a highly-competitive and global market. Therefore, they should be able to understand this new economy and to use their skills in a responsible way. Moreover, innovation and globalization are key values within our academic project, so the subject was clear from the start. Through this MOOC, we want to offer the possibility to everyone to understand these major subjects”.

The 3 weeks lasting course allows its participants to understand major issues in the international scene, anticipate risks and to identify opportunities within the market economy. Through 36 modules entirely in English, the MOOC will cover different topics such as competitiveness, risk management, financial cash flows, as well as governance issues, geopolitical tensions and sustainable development. Participants will also have access to lectures, videos, coaching and teamwork sessions, and interviews with key players within the field of globalization.

After having followed this mooc each student will be able to:- Understand the key aspects of globalization and how they should invest and negotiate on international scale– Analyze macroeconomic and geopolitical trends to develop a long-term business strategy.

During the courses, participants will be asked to compare their personal views with other students from around the world. They will also benefit from the academic knowledge as well as professional experiences each teacher will bring into the course. This MOOC is open for students, professionals or just anyone interested in understanding globalization.If you want to follow for this course, the registrations are still open on Udemy’s platform