The International Finance course is intended to give Vietnamese students and young professionals a solid understanding of the risks and opportunities of financial globalization. The main focus of the course tackles the financial implications of the rapid integration of national economies worldwide through trade, financial flows and technology transfers upon the firm’s cross-border strategy. The course assesses the impact of economic and financial liberalization as well as structural reforms upon the foreign exchange and financial markets of both advanced and emerging market economies. It will put the emphasis on relating theoretical and technical issues with current events in the international financial sphere. The Specific Objectives are as follows: 

   ·Understanding the organization of the international financial system and the policy coordination role of the multilateral institutions, including exchange rate and balance of payments management;

   ·Assessing the main sources of risks and opportunities arising from the growing integration of international financial markets from the corporate’s standpoint;

   ·Understanding the scope and limits of monetary policy tools given the globalization of capital markets;

   ·Apprehending the evolving range of financial instruments in the international capital markets;

   ·Understanding the nature of cross-border risk and its management


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