Country Risk Assessment 2018-2019

Country Risk today is on the front-page of newspapers all around the world: debt crisis, terrorism, political upheaval, exchange rate volatility, oil price roller coaster, trade protectionism, corruption, you name it. Country risk is everywhere, including where you don’t expect it to be! You cannot ignore it and you can’t live without it whatever your professional activities.

What makes Country Risk a fascinating topic to tackle is the combination of country and risk. It is a complex issue given that it brings together a number of parameters, including economic, financial, socio-political and global issues, often interconnected! Now, the good news is that whether you are a student or a seasoned executive, this seminar will help you analyze and manage it. We shall assess the root causes of a country’s volatility, looking at its history, its values, its culture, its political and institutional system, its macroeconomic framework, and last but not least the crucial issue of governance.


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SOLVENCIA Case Study- DATA BASE 2018-2019

Students Reports-Paris Campus: Solvencia Case Study