Globalization e-Book

Globalization’s first ever MOOC at SKEMA Business SchoolAt the heart of SKEMA’s ADN focused on the Knowledge Economy

SKEMA’s globalized heartbeat gets synchronized on its five campus worldwide, namely in France, China and the United States. A sixth campus in fast growing Latin America will be added shortly. A business school as globalized as SKEMA, thus, must meet the challenge of providing an academic program with the same content of core values across its campus network, while allowing a wide degree of specialization depending on the professional expertise each program targets. A MOOC responds to this challenge of ubiquity and of coherent academic framework.

Looking at SKEMA’s first ever MOOC on Globalization, nearly 2600 participants tackled the challenges of the globalized market economy, exchanging views and analyses with a striking multi-cultural wealth. However, at SKEMA, a MOOC does not boil down to a combination of videos and online quiz. This is why SKEMA’s MOOC can be qualified as a Premium MOOC, including a wide range of interactions between students and the academic team, as well as between students, across a multi-campus network. Once again, this successful academic experience shows that teaching does not amount to exchanging information, but producing economic intelligence, at the crossroad of learning, analyzing and applying.